Morning Energy

Happy Sunday Motherfuckers!! I am on a high for sure but because today the sun spoke to me. She was like yo Mar! get your ass up cause you know you want to and come talk to me. So for once I listened, and I will definitely start to may more attention to mother earth because she is usually right and one very smart woman! I went for my walk which was like 15 minutes because I am very out of shape and trying to work on that but I had a friend accompany me! A deer soul walked with me to the top of the hill and back down until I turned into my house. Nature has a very unique way of talking to you. On my way down I sat under a tree infront of the intersection that leads to my house and just breathed. Just enjoyed whatever it was that I saw, and heard and the message was loud and clear. So today I learned something new about myself. I learned that my morning energy is feminine and loves to connect with mother earth. So for as long as I can I will be making a point to pay her a visit everyday. Meditiation and alone time were on the top of my self care plan and my relapse prevention plan as well. Nailed it today!!!
Blessed be motherfuckers!!

Published by La brujita Marii

A little witchy, a little bitchy. Married to the human that makes my soul complete. On a journey to self-actualization which leads me to have a lot to say. Fur mom to 2 big shepards boys and a itty bitty fiesty kitty. Working towards a career that with fulfill the purpose I was put on this world for. The rest you find out as you read. Blessed be motherfuckers!

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