So back in my day I used to call days like today bad head days. Now I understand that it is much more then that. Lately I have been working on my spirituality a lot because religon fucked my way of thinking and life so bad that trying to unprogram that is hard I’m a tell you! So today I don’t think I had really any reason to not be okay other then it was like plus 30 degrees dry as shit weather the last 2 days. But I mean not enough for it to get the the point that I cried on my way to work today. So usually I would pin this on my mental health because thats all I’ve ever been able to refer it too. Today I knew it was different, I didn’t feel frustrated with my husband for not waking up, I wasn’t frustrated about my lunch, I wasn’t late for work…like I mean I have no idea why I was just not okay.
So intuition is one crazy motherfucking thing, I used to be the one that would say that shit is people just making it up and coming up with a way to scam people for money. Well I have had my foot in my mouth this last like week the most because for the very first time, I was thinking less and feeling more. My energies and voices and connections were just kinda happening without me trying to. So today my energy was not protected and I didn’t do my self-care. So by energy protection I mean, I need to wear my black obsidian crystal so its touching my skin to protect me from bad energy, and I didn’t have my tigers eye in my pocket for me to be able to grab and absorb the grounding energy I need to be able to keep my composure I find others energys negative and toxic which is pretty much everyone around me minus like 2 people. And by self-care, I mean I am very much a morning person. Do I like getting up early…thats a hard answer. When I get a decent sleep yes I love getting up early talking a walk, doing my morning meditation, having a tea or coffee, take my time to get ready pack a lunch. Guaranteed my intuition is on point and my emotions are strong and projecting. But I am so inconsistant with it that I think thats my own self sabotage, which is a very unhealthy behaviour due to my many mental disorders and addiction problems. LOL So yes spirituality and mental health kinda work hand in hand. But something that is going to be a very great awakening is that, Lee and I are going to stop smoking weed!
My people that know Lee are never going to believe it but it was his idea. So for the first time in pretty much all my life I am going to be 100% sober. Like no alcohol and no drugs. I think this is really going to make a big change in detoxing my body and having my intuition grown stronger. So the point I am getting at is I need to stop being so fucking lazy and get up to do the things I need to do to be happy!!!
Blessed be motherfuckers✌

Published by Marii

Hey hey hey! I am a Bruja (Hispanic witch healer), a certified Intuitive Life Coach, and a online network marketer. I am married to the love of my life, we are both large advocates in the LGBTQ+ community as he is a transman and I identify as a pansexual. I promote an spread mental health awareness; from the knowledge I gained in my studies, as well as, my personal life experiences! I am an open book with a lot to say, so lets connect. Stay blessed!

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