All too true

I have been MIA for a few days sorry about that my people! Okay I read this today and fuck did it hit me. Well my dad broke me I thought my world had crumbled before me…in a sense it did. I have gone through some of the hardest internal struggles of my adult life since then. Financially it was a big lesson learned because now Lee and I can’t rely on help from anyone financially. But December 13, 2019 is now the day I say my life started. I had been mentally and emotionally broken down by my family for years but that day was my limit. Fast forward almost 2 years of therapy, struggle, relationships, homelessness, addiction, 4 moves and much more and now there is very few people and things that will get to me. At first I just thought well my fucks given is gone. You can’t be broken if you don’t care about anything right? WRONG. Yes I am wrong quite often when it comes to myself. Now I take a look and realize it’s not that I don’t care. I care about a lot of things that pertains to me and what’s mine. And right now all that’s mine is my husband, my dogs and my cat. Everything else I don’t have a whole lot of control over yet…so now there is just very few things and or people that can break me. I have come to learn and discover so many things about myself that would have never happened if my dad hadn’t a broke me. So I take this quote to heart and my definition of it now is that yes there is 1 person that can truly break me now which is my husband, but other then that no one else can. Like a shift in my super power. To me being unbreakable shows strength and growth and maturity and self – reliance. All things that I have fought for my whole life and now I’m here… Blessed be motherfuckers ✌️

Published by La brujita Marii

A little witchy, a little bitchy. Married to the human that makes my soul complete. On a journey to self-actualization which leads me to have a lot to say. Fur mom to 2 big shepards boys and a itty bitty fiesty kitty. Working towards a career that with fulfill the purpose I was put on this world for. The rest you find out as you read. Blessed be motherfuckers!

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