Man oh man I have been having a hard time, dropped my counselling. Main reason is because my job wasn’t being very accomodating with my appointments so that was an added stress I didn’t need. Stopped my sober spell, I mean to be honest sure I am a little disappointed with myself but at the same time, I know that its much harder for me to try and work on these goals because of my living environment. Being able to drink will save me from well treating my roommate as immature as she acts. But we have already put in our notice and the hunt is on for a new place. For the first time we will be moving in with people who will not depend on Lee and I. When we were talking about it yesterday he made a really good point, we end up always in living situation that we rely on someone else. For example this move into the trailer, we had no choice because of Keshia and with 2 dogs I mean its not easy. And we can pay our rent and groceries and fuel where we are at right now, but its like we are the parents because our roommate never cooks, cleans or put much effort into caring for her dog. So her dog has kinda adopted us at this point. So that whole common courtesy on maintaining a house is a joke but she doesn’t even clean up after herself. Like wow I was nothing like that when I was 2. I had a job, my drivers and a vehicle and relied on no one. Fuck my parents relied on me at 21 so I will never understand how juvenile she is.
BEST PART THOUGH is that now we have people that Lee and I can truly say we trust that we are going to move in with. Mike is an amazing human being, he has been a great friend to Lee and truly cares about me as Lee’s wife and a friend. I love Mike 🙂 Best part is we have Jake which he is just a chill fucking dude that likes to do his thing so essentially we will finally he living with fucking adults. First Robin, then Keshia and now Kayla fuck I am so done with people that just aren’t on my level. They legit just aint evolved enough to even comprehend where I am coming from and being around people like that sucks the life outta me because they serve me no purpose. So I just need to shift my energy towards getting what I want as opposed to focusing on what I don’t want. So I have been having super low vibrations for about 2 days now because of her and I am fucking done with it. Lee is on nights next week so that will be interesting. Like tomorrow I am going to help him cook and stuff so I don’t have to worry about it. And I will get to relax, read and blog all week cause I will just have time to myself and the puppets.
Blessed be motherfuckers✌

Published by Marii

Hey hey hey! I am a Bruja (Hispanic witch healer), a certified Intuitive Life Coach, and a online network marketer. I am married to the love of my life, we are both large advocates in the LGBTQ+ community as he is a transman and I identify as a pansexual. I promote an spread mental health awareness; from the knowledge I gained in my studies, as well as, my personal life experiences! I am an open book with a lot to say, so lets connect. Stay blessed!

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