Biggest of Change

Good morning my wonderful humans!
Happy Halloween!!! Happy Samhain!!! Feliz Dia de los Muertes!!! So I woke up on a high today, correction I did not wake up that way, because my hellhound had to poop at 7AM on a sunday haha but after that….I decided to do some of the things I always wanted to do. I listened in on a business workshop from my mentor that I have recently started to invest in. This was something that i wanted to try so bad and I think I attempted it a few times and failed now understanding that I was not in the right place in my life to do so, or in my head to be honest. BUT that is changing because I have finally started to listen to what I have always said to others, including myself. If you want something different you must do something you have never done…or you would get the same outcome. HAHA now i had been always the person that said it to all but never lived it within my own truth. Recently I have stopped giving people advise I have stopped putting my opinion into others conversations unless it is asked from me. WHY? Because I have started telling myself the advise because shit no one ever wanted to help me! So I am taking my own expert advise and living my own truth for the first time in my life. I doesn’t come without its own struggles because shit I am gonna tell you when you are fighting yourself…Who is gonna stop you?!?!?!?!!? EXACTLY! So for the first time in my life I am legit working on change, I have seen the results in smaller spectrums with some of the small changes I have made with my persective in life. With the way I look at a situation. With being tested on my beliefs in every moment! Man people were right about getting programmed I tell yea! Stay tuned for some of my big changes. Thanks for reading in.
Blessed be motherfuckers✌

Published by Marii

Hey hey hey! I am a Bruja (Hispanic witch healer), a certified Intuitive Life Coach, and a online network marketer. I am married to the love of my life, we are both large advocates in the LGBTQ+ community as he is a transman and I identify as a pansexual. I promote an spread mental health awareness; from the knowledge I gained in my studies, as well as, my personal life experiences! I am an open book with a lot to say, so lets connect. Stay blessed!

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