Ambition: LOVING IT🎄

So I just have to say that I am writing this at my mother-in-law’s because her computer is the coolest thing ever! HAHA! But every time I come here she helps me solidify what I want to achieve so I am using her computer with hopes of taking some of her prosperous energy! So here we are:
I had the best talk with my brother in Nicaragua today, he is actually my cousin but that don’t mean shit, and he reminded me about reflection. He reminded me that sometimes you aren’t feeling up to celebrating but feel like reflection will give you the most out of that day. So with it being Christmas eve, in my culture this is our big celebration day! For the first time I was able to see a different side of celebration. See it’s my bro’s birthday today so I got to celebrate over a video call with him and got to hear what he wants to do this coming year. I am honored to be included in it so, I too, get to celebrate his birthday! Now is the first holidays I am spending as man and wife, Lee’s first Christmas, and I am spending it with my chosen family. This I am so grateful for🖤 So I get to celebrate la primera Navidades con mi esposo. (First Christmas with my husband) ALSO, our close friends are getting married today and we get the honor to be present during their day! Now I am celebrating like a motherfucker that 2 people get to celebrate their love! Like, sooooo much to celebrate BUT it has made me reflect and gain some new perspective. See I have been tied up on my past Christmas’ traditions and memories that I was not allowing myself to be open to new ones. Learning to change the definition of some words that are triggers for me. So in my reflection of change and growing as person, and becoming more confident in what I stand for I saw some bad habits. That shadow self of mine took over and BAM realized what I need to learn. I need too embrace me emotions, talk them, through and then slap myself! HAHA yes I wrote that correct. That slap is how I physically pull out of my disassociation to allow myself to literally open my mind enough to allow those emotions to not feel so intense. Yes they are there, wounds take time to heal, and no one is allowed to tell you how long. But it is our obligation to our higher self to learn from it, to allow and under but move on and not hold on to that. Its an easy way to have an excuse you be miserable, and you back yourself up on it. Don’t settle for that, settle for the power you gain by understanding and controlling it. Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad my blessed motherfuckers✌

Published by Marii

Hey hey hey! I am a Bruja (Hispanic witch healer), a certified Intuitive Life Coach, and a online network marketer. I am married to the love of my life, we are both large advocates in the LGBTQ+ community as he is a transman and I identify as a pansexual. I promote an spread mental health awareness; from the knowledge I gained in my studies, as well as, my personal life experiences! I am an open book with a lot to say, so lets connect. Stay blessed!

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