Who space cleanses?

So today was my day off an the one before I have to go back to what I call obligations AKA my job. So at first I had planned to do sooo much, now I mean too much, like after going over it there was no way I would have been able to get all the done in like 11 hours. So today was catch up cleaning day, with the holidays Lee and I weren’t all that motivated to do chores. One of my favorite things about being an adult is not being told to do chores, but like legit making the choice to do it. I was that over-grown child that truly did not want to ever have to do the same chores my parents made do. I would want them done, not want to do them and then be frustrated when Lee didn’t do them. Yup legit overgrown child and it took me slowing down my head and calming my emotions to figure out why my head when there, and what I can do to change it.
I know I am not the only one, so I wanted to explain how I went about it cause I won’t remember down the road when this old trigger decides to pop back up.
So growing up I had the I only should have to ask one rule, or I should know thats my job and be a mind reader. So I lived primarily at my parents house for 28 years. That is including have Lee at my parents house too. So he ended up falling into the “child” habit to pick up my slack to keep my parent happy. So was a queen at being able to get out of chores, whether I made a deal with my brother, or I ratted my brother out so he would have to do more then me. I played “the baby” card well, so fast forward that mentality, bad habit and add communication skills. Yup I just never grew up that way, I always had my mom or my spouse to take care of them for me. NOW, Lee and I are finally living on our own and he is away about 3 quarters of the year. See how that would have been a big eye opener for me. Now who was I gonna get frustrated for not cleaning up my mess?!? Yes I have no shame in admitting this was one of my alters that had a lot of maturing to do. So the 1st year of Lee being gone a lot has come and gone, now this has only been a taste of how much he will be gone because he hasn’t been sent far yet. It took a lot of self-reflection, internal arguing and mindset change to get to the point that I feel right now, today. I only got about half of what I wanted to get done today, but I was able to get our bedroom, including laundry, living room and kitchen cleaned. My body is sore, my feet and back hurt and its 8:30PM and I am going to bed after this. But I asked myself why out of all the things I wanted to do today, cleaning was the one this I chose? Like my spiritual work, and business coursing are much more something I love to do! IT HIT ME. I have always been a slob, but when I was young I would get to this point that I would blast my music, and like purge/spring clean my room. I would say this would happen once a month or so. I always found it so theraputic and it was the best sleep of my life that night! Why did I stop doing it? Shear laziness, I now have a cat, 2 big shedding dogs and a husband on top of me already being a messy person. So now it didn’t feel theraputic anymore, I was just sore a bitchy after. Now yes today I am sore, tired but not at all bitchy. Having my safe place clean clears any lingering energies that you don’t know are around. I legit breathe easier when my main areas are clean. I don’t say whole house, cause my kitchen isn’t fully clean and the foyer is cluttered and not cleaned at all. But I just pass through there I don’t do anything in there. So I will get to cleaning that. So its the beginning of year and I need to create better habits like doing it more then once a week so it doesn’t take all day and I don’t hurt this bad. So I found my answer, I have set big goals and I have a lot of work to put into said goals this year so I needed my space to be cleansed and ready to channel my energy as opposed to blocking it. Then, I was proud, I asked Lee to help me a little bit when he got home and he did it with no argument and I have zero negative feelings or emotions about it. I feel like excited to do my work tomorrow even if I am back to my job.
This is how I prove to myself over and over again that I am growing as a person, I am healing my inner child and discovering my strengths and weakness’. I am not longer repeating what I know but creating a better version of me every day. So cut your overgrown child a break, but take some time to talk to them, I bet you they will help you figure youreself out! Blessed be Motherfuckerz✌️

Published by La brujita Marii

A little witchy, a little bitchy. Married to the human that makes my soul complete. On a journey to self-actualization which leads me to have a lot to say. Fur mom to 2 big shepards boys and a itty bitty fiesty kitty. Working towards a career that with fulfill the purpose I was put on this world for. The rest you find out as you read. Blessed be motherfuckers!

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