True Transparency

I don’t think I truly knew what this meant until I met my husband. Really because I am/was an amazing liar and in the past my common practice was to hide the truth. Telling the truth used to always get my trouble, nobody liked what I had to say and no one wanted to believeContinue reading “True Transparency”

Much needed Break*phew*

Thank fuck I have 5 days off work. I am not gonna lie it was long overdue and I feel like no real amount of time off will make me want to go back any sooner but for now I gotta make the most of it for as long as I need to until whatContinue reading “Much needed Break*phew*”

The beauty of Transformation

HEY HEY HEY. So I apologize for the typing mistakes because I am a little stoned. BUT today was an amazing day! I didn’t do all of my self-care but I did some, I had my protections with me and I was manifesting the outcome of this evenings events! So Lee went and got hisContinue reading “The beauty of Transformation”


So back in my day I used to call days like today bad head days. Now I understand that it is much more then that. Lately I have been working on my spirituality a lot because religon fucked my way of thinking and life so bad that trying to unprogram that is hard I’m aContinue reading “ROUGH DAYZ!”