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Hello my beauties my name is Mariamanda but call me Marii 🙂 Welcome to the starting of my life! I am a open pansexual woman married to the love of my life who is a transman. I have my furbabies my big old lug is Kane he is a german shepard/black lab cross, my little guardian of the underworld is Bean bag and she is my crazy tabby cat, and then I have my familiar who is also my hellhound his name is Rocco and he is a king shepard/border collie mix. I am a Bruja de la Santa Muerte this is fairly new as I was brought up super roman catholic because of my family’s heritage. I am Nicaragense, first generation born in Canada. There is a lot for me to start back tracking and that can take a lifetime to get through, but as you read you will be able to really get to know me. So between mass amounts of therapy, studying psychology and learning my spirituality I decided to use this to work through my mental health. So pretty much to make more sense of it for me and anyone else that can use the help. I don’t plan on having a ton of people read it. If people do…DOPE ✌️I always like to spit out my opinion and to put my 2 sense into things but no one ever really likes hearing my opinion so this is going to be my best of both worlds. So to date this is what my current diagnosis’ are addiction disorder, anxiety disorder, bi polar disorder, borderline personality disorder and sociopathic disassociation. Now after studying these, my behaviour and train of thoughts make a whole lot more sense. I fought my head for the majority of my life, I am gonna tell you something people sure think youre crazy when you bring out that sociopathic side. I started disassociating around the age of 13 to 14. Prior to understanding I have 4 personalities but now with some work I have got it down to a a three way split. I don’t plan to have much flow in this site I just want my freedom of speech without everyone elses bias’ flooding my groove! Stay tuned for the crazy thoughts of me.
Blessed Be motherfuckers!


If I had the chance to talk to Mar ten years ago, I would tell her ”It will get worse but then BAM before you know it things will start to talk to you very clearly. This is how IContinue reading “I AM PROOF”

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