That instant shift

Yea know I usually stay pretty positive about things but im struggling. Im struggling with the shift. What do I mean about the shift? You get to a certain age, stage in your life, mindset, or whatever it is to you that makes you change things. Change the things you want, change the things youContinue reading “That instant shift”

The art of Ageing

Growing up my mom used to hate her birthday because she said it just reminder her about how old she was getting. Now being that I was younger I always looked forward to my birthday because the attention was about me. My 15th Quincenera was a huge deal for me. I will never forget thatContinue reading “The art of Ageing”

Emotions are my dark place

Reason being is because I like being a sociopath.i have accepted who I am but the world we live in let’s us believe we can just accept who we are and then tell us we are wrong. This is why sociopaths end up alone not really because they want to be but by default othersContinue reading “Emotions are my dark place”


I have been MIA for a few days sorry about that my people! Okay I read this today and fuck did it hit me. Well my dad broke me I thought my world had crumbled before me…in a sense it did. I have gone through some of the hardest internal struggles of my adult lifeContinue reading “FROM BROKEN TO UNBREAKABLE”