Ambition: LOVING IT🎄

So I just have to say that I am writing this at my mother-in-law’s because her computer is the coolest thing ever! HAHA! But every time I come here she helps me solidify what I want to achieve so I am using her computer with hopes of taking some of her prosperous energy! So hereContinue reading “Ambition: LOVING IT🎄”


Hola my lovelies, so can you feel the different energy coming out in this one? So for the very first time I was able to really sit with my thoughts and meditate, felt calm, my mind was silent and able to clearly hear my thoughts. I can’t even begin to describe how it felt. IContinue reading “FULL MOON IN GEMINI”

Little Wins & Fuck Them

So ever have those moments that like no matter what you do, you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere? Fuck me too man, and I for sure am the type that needs some kind of proof that what I am doing is worth it. It took me a while to figure that out soContinue reading “Little Wins & Fuck Them”

The Past can really be the PAST!

So last year I dreaded for December 13 to come, like I mean I cried for about 7 days leading up to it. And it felt like a my heart broke again when the day hit. So now fast forward for 2 years from this date, AKA yesterday LOL. A few day’s ahead I becameContinue reading “The Past can really be the PAST!”

Calming your inner scream

Don’t you hate that moment when all you can do is feel emotion and can’t rationalize why you are feeling but know that you need to understnad what you are feeling because you don’t want it reoccuring but know youre feeling it for a reason. UGH MY LIFE!! This is fairly new to me becauseContinue reading “Calming your inner scream”

The art of Ageing

Growing up my mom used to hate her birthday because she said it just reminder her about how old she was getting. Now being that I was younger I always looked forward to my birthday because the attention was about me. My 15th Quincenera was a huge deal for me. I will never forget thatContinue reading “The art of Ageing”