If I had the chance to talk to Mar ten years ago, I would tell her ”It will get worse but then BAM before you know it things will start to talk to you very clearly. This is how I feel now, like the first thought that goes through my mind is…”I am so gladContinue reading “I AM PROOF”

Manifesting Growth

Yea know 2 years ago you would have never guessed I would be talking about this, but believe me I did homework and internal questioning long enough to be able to come to terms with where I am intuitvely as well as spiritualy. I still consider myself fairly new and inexperienced but I am aContinue reading “Manifesting Growth”

Dirty Thirties

Well my intentions were to write this all actually on my birthday and then well my birthday happened haha, turned the BIG 30 on the 15th. Scorpio through and through may I add haha. There was a lot of emotions leading up to it and a lot of emotions on that day, I really wantedContinue reading “Dirty Thirties”

The art of Ageing

Growing up my mom used to hate her birthday because she said it just reminder her about how old she was getting. Now being that I was younger I always looked forward to my birthday because the attention was about me. My 15th Quincenera was a huge deal for me. I will never forget thatContinue reading “The art of Ageing”

Change is in the Air

Man oh man I am gonna tell yea today is a bitter sweet day, our roommate comes home from being away for 2 weeks. Lee and I experienced a solid eye opener in this. Have you ever just took time to reflect over the big picture of your life. For example what you want yourContinue reading “Change is in the Air”

When yea snap the fuck outta it!

Holy shit guys these last three days have been a chaotic clusterfuck of emotions and crazy head spaces and what not. Why? Well because I am going through shit, and my husband is going through shit and I mean if we don’t have each other who do we have? This last week we have hadContinue reading “When yea snap the fuck outta it!”

Emotions are my dark place

Reason being is because I like being a sociopath.i have accepted who I am but the world we live in let’s us believe we can just accept who we are and then tell us we are wrong. This is why sociopaths end up alone not really because they want to be but by default othersContinue reading “Emotions are my dark place”


I have been MIA for a few days sorry about that my people! Okay I read this today and fuck did it hit me. Well my dad broke me I thought my world had crumbled before me…in a sense it did. I have gone through some of the hardest internal struggles of my adult lifeContinue reading “FROM BROKEN TO UNBREAKABLE”

Meeting strangers/friends

This is something I am not used to for sure. Like for example I have my niece down for a visit so she has been here for 3 days and today is my last day with her cause I go and drop her off tomorrow. So yesterday Kayla (my roommate) has been wanting us toContinue reading “Meeting strangers/friends”